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The Prince von Pappenschmear

Chapter One

CamerataWorks, New Camerata Opera’s in-house film studio, is proud to present the made for YouTube opera short “The Prince von Pappenschmear”. Composed by Peter Engelbert, with a libretto by Adam Laten Willson, chapter one of this trilogy will make its much anticipated premiere in spring 2017. The work was scored for NCO soloists, clarinet, violin, cello and piano. Set in Nazi era Germany, the story follows an exciting undercurrent of women’s liberation in an historic Jewish gynecologist’s office. These contrasting elements create an intriguing mix of absurd farce and surrealist imagery. “The Prince von Pappenschmear” is CamerataWorks' inaugural production.



Friday, October 13 & 14, 2017

An evening of opera-horror at Brooklyn’s hottest night club. New Camerata Opera presents Menotti’s The Medium, a twisted, suspenseful ghost-story followed by a cabaret and spectacle in a show that celebrates the macabre and freaky side of classical music at the hottest nightclub in Bushwick, House of Yes, in collaboration with Music Director Whitney George and The Curiosity Cabinet. This show that embraces the dark and weird opens Friday the 13th.


Divide Light

Spring 2018

Lesley Dill, one of the most prominent American artists working at the intersection of language and fine art, has paired with composer Richard Marriott, Artistic Director and Founder of the acclaimed Clubfoot Orchestra, to create DIVIDE LIGHT - a new opera based on the text of Emily Dickinson. 

First produced in 2008 at The Montalvo Arts Center in California, DIVIDE LIGHT is currently being re-conceived for performances in Spring 2018. This new iteration of DIVIDE LIGHT is designed to feature the collaborative operatic ensemble New Camerata Opera, a bold new force in the New York opera scene.